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Crazy Katie Nambulous
19 June
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To start off with, the 'chick' in "slashchick" *does* mean that I'm a girl. Thought I should make that clear to those who, for some reason, wouldn't be sure about that.

Hmm.. what else to say? I'm a slasher (which basically means I like seeing gay boys together, if you get my drift...), a sci-fi/fantasy geek, pretty non-social, am a procrastinator, perv, and someone who lacks enough enthusiasm to be considered alive sometimes :P The only thing I ever have any enthusiasm for is fandom, and I live to obsess over tv shows and movies. I'm a geek, as I said ;) I'm also relatively young, though I won't tell you my age.

I also am the list mom of both valhalla_sector, a community for fans of the Jeremiah series on Showtime, and slashwraiths, the original, but sadly not very popular, Lord of the Rings slash community.

...Oh yeah, then there's him. Peter Stebbings. He's in the majority of my icons... and for good reason. He's sexy, he's talented, and he makes me wish I was legal, if you get my drift... I love him and his convulsing butt cheeks! *g*

NOTE: I've decided that if you've come wandering around here looking for my clique banners, and you are from one of the cliques I joined when I was on a clique-joining spree, I'm having such a hard time finding a dependable image-hosting site that if you happen to run any clique I joined at that time (none of which I remember) please take me off the members list- I am a terrible member and I no longer can display banners. If you were from a clique that does not care whether you can display a banner than I suppose it's alright if you want to keep me on the list, but I honestly don't care either way. I shouldn't have joined all those cliques in the first place and it was a mistake on my part.

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