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I Think This Line's Mostly Filler

Yeah, I've decided I've gotten too uppity about this whole thing. Jeremiah shouldn't be an issue. He's got a girlfriend. He knows I'm going out with Stephen, so we'll just see what happens tomorrow when I go help him pick out a dress for Halloween. Things could go either way, but he isn't/shouldn't be my first priority. Stephen? He's my first priority. I said yes to him and to be honest it wouldn't be so bad. I could learn to like him in that way. It's just a little awkward right now because there's no way something like this could be comfortable right away. We could be something. I shouldn't get so uppity because this could be a very minimal thing at best. No reason getting all "eep"ed if it won't do any good. And it definitely isn't doing any good right now.
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