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This could have been perfect. I loved almost everything about it. The people who saw it will probably know why I was so irked... Simon/Kaylee. I'd like to say I'm fine with HetYay, but I'm not. I don't like seeing it just like some people don't like seeing HoYay and it downright annoys me when it's shoved down my throat. And, like tonight's episode, it was.

There were what, two instances of HoYay? Damn bad. Of course there were good points. This is one of the few funny shows I can watch and actually laugh out loud at, and this delivered perfectly. It also gave a nice bit of drama and lovely, lovely whumping. Oh, the Simon!Whump was good.


The HetYay bugged me more than a little. By the last scene with Simon and Kaylee I really wanted to turn the channel. Luckily I didn't and was able to see a nice little Mal/Jayne scene, but even after that I didn't feel like it was worth sticking around for. It bugs *shrugs* (heh).

If not for that the episode would have been awesome, but I can't change what I like and don't like, even if I should technically be more tolerant of heterosexual relationships on TV. *laughs* How weird is that?

If it isn't Mal/Inara, it's Simon/Kaylee *sighs*. But really, other than that the episode was great. I like Jayne a lot more now. Of course, it's not like I hated him before :) Now he has depth! Not just "grrr!"

The whole subplot between Book and River was good. Cute, funny, and bits even made you think. Inara's subplot fell kind of flat.

I give it 7 stars for being good but a kick in the balls for the damn hetero-ness.

[Slightly edited to add additional thoughts]
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The episode was really, really great.

Maybe if we just ignore the whole HetYay situation, it'll go away? *hopeful look*

Hey, with all of the people out there who are all against HoYay like Willow/Tara and so on, we get the right to be against things like Kaylee/Simon. It's a way of...balancing out nature. Or something. It made sense in my head, but somewhere between there and my fingers, I forgot what I was going to say.

Sleep is needed. Shall go count little Beaten!Simons jumping over fences. The sheep are on vacation.
Hello again. I cannot remember how I found your journal. I think I was searching for screencaps of Smallville. They just started showing that this year in Belgium. So feeling better?
I'm feeling a bit better, but I'm still a little sick. I'm surprised you'd remember! Thank you :) You have any luck finding screencaps? Maybe I could help you, if you like.

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:) I figured. You don't get FOX where you're from? Ouch... well, don't worry, I'm positive it'll pop up online within the next couple of days. I'm sorry if I spoiled you!

Deleted comment

No no no! But {Spoilers Here!! I don't want to spoiler you but if you want to see it anyway highlight the text) ... Simon admits to "liking" Kaylee, and they did, after getting drunk, wake up on top of each other (let it be noted that it was Kaylee on top of Simon). There was a little Mal/Simon-y thing going on when Simon saw Mal and very hastily denied that they did anything as if he needed to prove something to him :) So there was one tiny, tiny scene of Mal/Simon, but as a whole not a very HoYay! episode at all. That's probably what disappointed me the most about it. ...