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i won't be denied


I just wrote a big entry and I pushed a button and lost it all. Gah! Ok, quick quick overview because I've lost my patience to write it all over again:

-Day was ok.
-I am very tired.
-Stephen did go to school but ditched me before going to the DND Club, so I went alone. He's since apologized over the phone but I'm still a bit pissy about it.
-I'm over Laila and I'm also not embarrassed to talk about it here anymore.
-I'm contemplating all the people I think I'd have a chance with. All male, by the way.
-I'm trying to sort out my hormones: do I find everyone attractive or no one attractive?
-I'm tired of boys (or hell, even girls) never finding me sexually attractive.
-I passed the first part of my French oral test.
-My listless/erratic mood has been affecting my days for at least the past week.
-I'm developing an obsession with Live's song "Sun" because I'm convinced it was written with vampires in mind.

I've been away from LiveJournal for a while. I mean, it may not have seemed like it but I didn't visit the site for a while. I'd like to say I did some soul-searching but if I did nothing came of it.
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