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I already know Molly won't be at school today and Stephen called me yesterday saying he wasn't going either. Joy. So, I'm a loner again. Isn't that just great? This day hasn't even begun yet and already I'm dreading it with a fiery passion.

I'll probably get shot down today in Creative Writing when I will most likely be asked to read my crappy last-minute story.

I'll probably fail my French oral test.

Bah. What, me cynical? Ok... think happy thoughts. Umm... P.E. with Matt, Laila, and Jean (well, maybe Jean not so much... I may seem ditsy but I'm not dense: I think I annoy the fuck out of her). And then Physics with Jeremiah and Jessica. And perhaps it's good that I'm given some time to myself, although I wish fate would've orchestrated it at a time when I felt I needed to be alone, not now.

Damn the man. Oh well, I'll make it through :) I always bitch and moan but in the end I still come crawling back, lickin' my wounds. Ha, look at that, I actually made myself a little happier. You all have a fucking fabulous day.
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Heh, thanks. I bitch too much, but... *shrugs*