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Why do I smell cologne?

*giggles* Ha. Dawson's Creek is so funny. *coughs* And the gay subplot thickens. We demand graphic gay sex now. ... On second thought, we will settle for kissing, but no less.

Hmm hmm. Either I annoyed the fuck out of Wes or he had some offline interference, but he hopped offline pretty quick. Same thing with Laila, except she was hinting that she could "hook me up" with someone so I could triple date with her next week when her and her boyfriend see the Jackass movie.

Hm. I feel like I've just been sodomized by a sword. So that's what's been causing my headache all day. Ah well, suppose it was my fault she jumped offline without a word since I'd been away for 30 minutes straight.

Yes, day wasn't all that well. Could have been. Should have been. But was not. It was a minimum day at school, I should be happy, right? Ah well. I did see Moonlight Mile.

Moonlight Mile

Very good, perhaps because it's one of the few movies out there that I can honestly say was totally character driven. For that fact alone I liked it and would recommend it to anyone. The acting was great and it didn't fall into the Black Pit of Overdone Movie Cliches. Well, at least not often. That Jake actor as well...? Lemme say: fucking hot. But only because he seems so damn innocent. You don't see much of that anymore.

*sigh* Ten bucks says Dawson's Creek will not give us kissing. Damn. How long is Sebastian Spence supposed to be on that show? 5 episodes? This would be the second or third, right? Because if he makes a nice clean dead-or-mortally-wounded exit then I can quit watching this steaming pile of horse shit and check out 'Fast Lane.' Because, of course, the quality of that show is amazingly superior.

Oh god, when did I get so cynically sarcastic?
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