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you got a body like a battleaxe

Damn. I can't even get past the prologue in 'The Vampire Lestat' because there are pages missing. Out of the three copies at the library I had to get the one falling apart. *shakes fist* Hope the librarians don't try and accuse me of anything. The women seemed nice enough on Friday, but god knows what a weekend can do to a person.

Oh, reason I'm awake so early is because I had a dream. Well, I remembered my dream tonight. Clark and Lana from Smallville were it in :| They were in a hallway and Clark had dropped Lana off there. In the background there was a dead girl laying at the end of hallway and no one seemed to notice except for Lana, but she was acting like her cheese had slid off her cracker. The only time I was present was after Clark had left and I stood near where he had, and I asked "Don't you see her?!" Lana looked down the hall and I could tell she saw the dead girl but wasn't going to say anything. She then shut the door and I was seeing through her eyes. I saw another dead girl laying on the opposite doorway, inside her room. Lana, completely ignoring the girl, was putting on makeup in front of a big mirror and said to herself "I have to prepare."

And then I woke up, thoroughly freaked out (it was just creepy... suppose you had to be there). I woke up at the same time mom did, too. Why Lana and Clark? Bah.
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