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The best. Ever.

Look closely... you'll get it.

Thanks to everyone who's wishing Mom a happy b-day. She's off with her friends to go eat, get drunk, and watch 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding.' probably not in that order.

Eeee Andromeda :) Two guest stars who were on Jeremiah are in this episode, and one of them is Lee! Lee!! Crazy!Lee, apparently. I don't know, I just started watching. The other guest is the girl Kurdy fell for in the group of people who were trekking to the coast. She kissed Kevin Sorbo. She really is nuts.

Lee is pretty when he's crazy. And slashy. Heh, and he can kick too, apparently :) I hope he's in Jeremiah next season, I really want to see how his character is changed since Vahalla Sector has basically taken over. I want Lee/Markus too, but that'll never, ever happen in a million katrillion years. But while I'm wishing I want Jeremiah/Markus too. I'll be content just so long as Markus isn't paired with a girl like oh, say Walking Time Bomb Girl.

Oh my frickin' god! Zombies in space! They want Braaaiiinnnsss! Or... they could just be psychotic. Oh come on, they would have started hurting Harper! They have all those weapons and all they do is pinch his cheek?

Hee, Harper's a slut for the crazies. I don't see the Dylan/Tyr.

YESSS!! HARPER PAIN!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ah, Tyr really cares. Damn, apparently he cares for both Harper *and* Dylan.

*I'll* love the toture.

Ah damn. Tyr torture really isn't that fun. It's be better if Tyr was there with Harper, maybe. Yes.

Hmmm... ok, no more running commentary. I'll watch the rest later.
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